Friday, June 19, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

My good friend and "god-husband" (we are the proud godparents of a brillant and talented 12 year old) is getting married today and I wanted to make something special for him and his new bride. They are registered for this beautiful bedding so I used it as a jumping off point to design a pillow with their new monogram.

I selected chocolate brown linen which I backed with a lightweight interfacing to give some stability to the stitching. For the monogram and date I used a simple satin stitch with embroidery floss. The embellishments were done with metallic thread. My original plan was to use only the metallic thread but it was so difficult to work with that I decided to start over with traditional embroidery floss rather than pulling every hair out of my head. In the end, I think it was the right choice because the combination of metallic and non-metallic floss adds dimension and interest. I hope it works with their style and finds a place in their home.