Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby Sweater

I knit up this baby sweater for a friend who is expecting. She doesn't want to know the sex so I thought this turquoisey/green would be a safe choice. I used this pattern purchased at the famous Lettuce Knit in Toronto. It knits up from side to side rather than from bottom to top which I initially found a bit confusing. However once I stopped stressing and just started knitting it came together pretty quickly . Although I must admit I did make a mistake on the waistband and cuffs (I knit when I should have purled).

Here's my second attempt for another friend's newborn son. As you can see I corrected the waistband and cuffs on this version.

I really like this pattern. Knitting from side to side gives the basic garter stitch a unique look and the newborn size can be knit up in just a few days. Athough these two sweaters are quite similar I like that you can really change the look with the choice of yarn and buttons. I would definitely make it again.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas comes early

My friends June and Kathleen had the chance to go to the famous International Quilt show in Houston and they generously brought me back a bag of goodies. I'm not exactly sure the origin of all the chicken fabrics but they are really fun. In fact I'm thinking I may have to convince Kathleen to help me turn them into one of her fabulous quilted bags (speaking of Murphy bags if you have some holiday shopping to do I encourage you to check out her fabulous Etsy store).

Some other items of note include several gorgeous buttons including a red clasp that would work on a bag or maybe as a closure for a knit cardi, a pair of rooster embroidery scissors (I had wanted the traditional bird style but these are so much cooler) and some beautiful silk embroidery floss made right in my own neighborhood.

Thanks so much ladies! You both have excellent taste and I love all my goodies.