Friday, June 8, 2012

Can you guess what it is?

A few years ago my godson asked me why I never made anything for him.  I explained while his sisters liked handmade dresses and bags, it was harder to come up with ideas that I thought he would like.  Well, I think I've finally made a handmade gift that is just right for my 15 year old godson  -- Star Wars golf club covers. 

I think they were a hit although, in true 15 year old boy style, he informed me that Leia should have been wearing a gold bikini. 

In case you were concerned, it should be noted that I am a good godmother and a video game was included in the box with the club covers.

If you want to make Star Wars golf club covers for the duffer in your life you can find the pattern here.

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Tracey Rediker said...

Your covers came out great. I hope your grandson loved them.