Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Environmental Poser

I like to think I do my part for the environment. On the plus side, we’re a one car family, take public transportation when we can and recycle. On the minus side I have been known to leave lights on in rooms I’m not in and on hot summer days I admit I have, once or twice, left a fan on for the cats while we were at work. Nobody is perfect.

I sometimes feel like a bit of an environmental poser because over the past few years I have been on a crusade to rid my house of plastic bags. I wish I could say my motives were for the good of the environment but they are actually because my 20 lb cat Max has a plastic bag obsession. He can’t resist. He eats them. Sadly, the plastic bags do not love him back and his fascination has led to a colorful litterbox and a painful and expensive trip to the vet.

An indignant Max sporting his "Flashdance" look after his
plastic eating induced hospital stay

We switched to canvas bags for shopping and errands years ago, but I admit I sometimes feel the need to bag my produce in those flimsy plastic bags. I know I shouldn’t do it, but sometimes I just don’t want my tomatoes rolling around the bottom of the cart. I knew there had to be a better way and I think I’ve found it. I read this tutorial and I’m going to give it a try. It’ll be my first attempt at working with the sheer fabric and I’m a little nervous. I found a curtain panel for $1 at a yard sale last weekend so I’ve added it to the project list. Stay tuned.


Junie said...

Oh Max. Definitely photogenic thought even with his poor little paws.

becky from hatch said...

I've been so good about my canvas bags lately, that I realize I have nothing to scoop the cat poop into lately! I'm not sure what the solution is - I've been secretly "forgetting" to take a bag or two to the grocery store so I can hoard some for the litter box scoopings!

Anonymous said...

They make biodegradable poop bags out of corn plastic.