Friday, July 18, 2008


My new produce bags are ready for the farmer's market. All in all, a very simple project.

It was my first attempt at sewing with sheer fabric but, with a few simple adjustments, it went together with relative ease. First, use the smallest needle you have on hand (I used a 12) and set the machine to your longest stitch length. The fabric (a sheer curtain)was a little slippery going thru the machine but by holding the fabic taut (front and back) I managed a reasonably straight stitch. A tear away stabilizer might have helped but, for this project, I didn't bother.

I'm not a particularly fast sewist but even with the added difficulty of sewing with the sheer fabric I was able to put this together while watching Project Runway. For the record, based on the grocery store challenge, I'm rooting for Daniel. Who knew you make a dress out of plastic cups? AMAZING. I'm also loving Terri's crocheted top made entirely of mop heads. I've never seen a mop look so chic. See all the designs here.

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