Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clean Sweep

I love my swiffer. Let's face it two cats make it a necessity. What I don't love is buying swiffer cloths and throwing them away so I decided to make my own.

A quick internet search shows I'm hardly the first person to have this idea. After sifting through many different versions I landed on this tutorial which converts a ballband dishcloth into a swiffer cover (instructions for the ballband dishcloth can be found here). It was fast and easy to knit up and a good way to use up scrap yarn. And I'm happy to report it works just as well as the disposable cloths on cat hair.

1 comment:

Mel said...

And, if I turn my head to the side, it kind of reminds me of two blue-eyed owls sitting side-by-side... :) Perhaps an unintended benefit?

Love it. Way to get rid of more disposable stuff! I'm all for that.