Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love the Internet

You might remember I was struggling a bit with this simple pattern (Simplicity 1969).   In a fit of desparation I googled the pattern number and happened upon the lovely and talented Beth from the Rusty Bobbin blog who wrote that she had recently purchased the same pattern.  I described my problem and she generously explained what I was doing wrong (as I suspected, it was a case of user error).   She was so helpful and sweet she even went so far as to offer to make up the pattern and photograph the steps for me (fortunately, her explanation was very clear and no photos were necessary). 

I now have a completed muslin (minus topsticthing and finished hems) that actually fits and I'm looking forward to sewing up a new top.  I've added a link to the Rusty Bobbin blog in my blogroll.  If you are interested in garment sewing, I highly recommend keeping up with her blog.  Did I mention she knits too?!

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Marilyn said...

I have a question about this pattern.I also goggled and ended up here. My pattern pieces are numbered wrong. They don't jibe with the picture on the cutting layouts. I guess I can figure it out.....any thoughts?